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  • Technical Specifications
    Handle Specs
    Technical Diagram

    The handles we supply with your doors are very easy to fit and are made in a range of finishes to suit every taste. The technical diagram shows how the various components are placed together to fit to the door. Our technical team can help you with any issues and full instructions will also be provided with the product purchase.

    This diagram shows the lockable handle, we supply both lockable and non lockable handles.

  • 8mm Toughened Glass
    8mm Toughened Glass
    Brtish Standard BS6206 class A

    8mm Toughened Safety Glass to Brtish Standard BS6206 class A, the highest grade available, (sometimes called tempered glass, tempered safety glass, toughened glass, strengthened glass)

    Five to seven times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness, in the unlikely event of a breakage our glass doors will shatter into tiny harmless pieces.

    We make to measure your toughened glass doors.

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